Friday, September 16, 2011

The End of the Great Fast.

Well, the fasting experiment is over.

I have a confession, I didn't make it the full 48 hours, however I did make it 36 hours, I broke my fast with  a couple of grass-fed beef and pork sausages, and 2 fried eggs.

Now, what caused me to end my fast early ? A couple of factors actually, at about hour 34 I started feeling light headed and started getting a headache, that coupled with fatigue gave me some signals that I should likely end my experiment.

During the experience I did do a very light strength workout. 20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 jack knife presses, and 20 two leg assisted pull-ups.  The work out itself went well, I felt very good afterwards and can still feel the effects today. After the fast D and I went for a short walk (about 2km) and I slept soundly.

So, the dreaded weight plateau WAS broken, as of this morning I weighed in at 217lbs Prior to a  4oz steak and 2 boiled egg breakfast, a couple of hours after I weighed myself again and saw a 2 Lb weight gain putting me at 219lbs a loss of 1.4lbs from the day Prior!

Fasting does indeed appear to have some fantastic weight loss benefits if used as a proper tool however it's a lot tougher of a process than I assumed...

Definitely a tool I'll be keeping in my arsenal!

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