Friday, September 9, 2011

Paleo Life Meets Modern Man.

Well, now that my Inaugural post is behind me, I suppose I should talk about my first few weeks as a Paleo convert, or at the bare minimum how I started Primalizing (ok, if it wasn't a word it is now damn it) my life.

The Ice Age Cometh.

Me being me, as of late nothing I do or commit to ever comes without research. I don't want to be told, I want to understand.

I spent a good portion of the next day or so reading and absorbing information. I went back and read primers, F.A.Q.'s and testimonials on many of the major Paleo/Primal sites which you can find on my blogroll.  I built a list and working knowledge of what I could eat, what I shouldn't eat, and why that was...I was surprised at the amount of scientific and layman studies, observations and discussions examining paleo fundamentals and not just the HOW to do it, but the WHY.

Make Mine Paleo!

With the research out of the way, I had a basic understanding of what I needed to I did what any self-respecting early 30's guy in my place would do, I called my mother. The first words out of my mouth were "hi mom! come shopping in my cupboards and fridge!". Naturally I needed to reassure her I was not insane, or in the midst of some psychosis, but she eventually came on over and I loaded up 3 reusable shopping bags full of my entire stock of canned soups, beans, gluten laden sauce mixes, Processed cheese, frozen pre-made get the Idea.

Now, as you may remember I was convicted of DUI (Driving under the influence) so i don't have a license, So again mom to the immediate rescue, she took me shopping! I paid, but still, if I don't have to walk or take a taxi I'll continue to be a cheap bastard thank you. I picked up Stuff for a weeks worth of clean eating, Organic Mixed greens, Veggies, lean meats, and I embarked on my first Primal "experiment" Home Made Beef Jerky.

As a side note, the jerky turned out fantastically, I used a very lean cut of Brisket and had enough for about a a pound of jerky.

Gathering the Tribe

Lets take a small step backwards... I would be completely out of line (and a Giant Douche), to not mention the commitment of my D.... upon discussing with her I wanted to commit to the paleo lifestyle, she did what she always does. Supported me fully, having been a Librarian and the more logical of the two of us, she went home and prior to bed that night I am sure (even though she won't admit it) read and recommended many many articles... she also informed me she was coming along for the ride! Now, D has issues processing red meats, and Pork. However the Naturals lines seem to work for her, so we have developed a plan to modify her Primal experience accordingly. We decided to join the YMCA with a "family" membership, so that her 3 kids K,W, and D could use the membership as well, K being the only one still at home, with one in Regina and the other in Winnipeg.

Urban Nomads

D and I walk a lot now...She works a night shift at a local meat plant (Ironic as she is/was vegitarian), so many of our walks happen after 1 AM, and on busy nights, or nights where she has to stay later, I walk by myself....most of our walks range from 3 to 7 or 8 Km's, and are the basis of the Primal Pyramid, for the most part "Chronic Cardio" (long bouts of high impact cardio) are frowned upon, unles you are training to be an athlete, soon we will start on the second level of the pyramid at the gym "lift heavy things" power/weightlifting to gain muscle and burn glycogen to accelerate health and fat loss.

So there it is, the first few weeks of my primal journey...

On the go tomorrow - a visit to a local farmers market and some time outside in this gorgeous sun! it's the weekend after all, so go out and experience it, I know I will ! 

Be safe, and healthy.

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