Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Great fasting experiment.

So today is a pretty important day for me, I've started my first serious intermittent fast.

Now what is an intermittent fast ? well, pretty much what it sounds like, intermittent fasts are a period of time you choose to limit your food intake for a variety of purposes, mine obviously is weight loss.

So I have decided on a 48 hour Period where my intake will be nothing but water, my daily supplements (5000iu of vitamin D, 500mg magnesium, and 1000mg x3 of Omega-3 fish oil), and 1 cup of coffee from Tim Hortons, trust me, without coffee I'm a miserable bastard.

I am doing this in the hopes that this will help accelerate weight loss, as I will be walking tonight, and then again tomorrow afternoon for a short period. with dinner tomorrow being the breaking of my fast. My last meal was last night at around 6 PM and consisted of about .2 kg of chicken breast cooked in coconut oil with Oregano, some steamed Veggies (Yay Green Giant) and sauteed mushrooms with garlic.

Now, as i come off my fast I've decided on 3 small meals to get my body used to food again, a light salad with salmon, a small sirloin steak and almonds, and some nuts with dried fruit, these will of course will be broken into 3 small meals I will eat from 5 PM to about 8, then giving me about 5 hours between my last meal and bed.

I am hoping this fast will help me break a Plateau of weight loss, I've been hovering right around the 220lb mark for about 3 days now, yes, 220lb, that's down 15lbs so far, GO ME.

So, I'll be writing about my experience and how I fared next time.

Until then,

Be safe and healthy.

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