Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Falling off the Paleo wagon, and not getting run over.

First off let me apologize for being gone so long, I've had a hell of a couple of weeks...I've had some issues with my Paleo/Primal journey, and I've hit a few stumbling blocks.

Let me explain a bit about myself. I have a huge self esteem issue, notably a complete lack there-of. I am most definitely an instant gratification kind of guy, which has led to some things paying off very well for me but also some spectacularly self destructive moments.

So how does this fit into the past few weeks ?

Well I've gotten myself a personal trainer...Surprisingly a paleo friendly one. We've had 3 sessions thus far, and we've begun working on the fundamentals, some cardio, light calisthenics/stretching and will sortly be moving into weight lifting. I've had a V.O2 Max test, and seem to be on my way. We discussed my eating/Paleo diet and he agrees I picked the right style of eating, apparently my body comp has indicated I'll thrive on low carb high protien. We are currently experimenting with me eating 225g protein a day which = about 1.5g/protein per lb of lean body mass.

This is about the time my first issues started popping up. So, for a week I ate...ALOT. here came the problem, my weight started maintaining, I was sitting steady at 205lbs for about a week and a half and  to me anyway I saw no visible weight loss or body composition changes. I've begun getting depressed and worn down with the grind of cook, clean the kitchen, come back and do it all again. Eating out has been very difficult as well, Finding Paleo(ish) friendly fare in this small town is very hard. For example, out to eat Order a steak (medium well) and ask for seasonal veggies instead of a baked potato or french fries, and you get a small scoop of corn. So one cheat day turned into two or three.

Enter Samhain.

Oh the sweet sugary joy that are Carmel squares... all day before and of Samhain I snacked on them...and the night before Samhain while sitting with Dot and 2 of the kids I really fell off the wagon, 6 slices of pizza later I felt like utter crap. I was (and am) disappointed with myself, I chose to do what was easy instead of what was healthy for me.

So here I am 3 days after Samhain and I need to start again...I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow at 9 AM, and after I am headed to pick up some fresh vegetables. When I quit drinking it was hard, but I never relapsed, so here it is my first real "relapse" I guess the only thing to do is get back on the wagon and keep going.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon, and if so how did you deal with it ?


  1. Hey I saw your comment on the "Make Shi(f)t Happen" blog and it linked me to here (I clicked on it cuz I've also been falling off the Primal wagon...)

    One reason why you don't see results right away is that before you can see physical results, your body must heal itself internally first. The liver, hormones, blood glucose levels, and so on, must get back to its optimal state before you can see external results. Once your body heals itself internally, BAM, almost instant weight loss and leanness. I learned this from Fit2Fat2Fit. If you haven't checked out that site, I'd recommend it! The person there is doing a really altruistic thing.

    Keep up the paleo lifestyle! And keep up the blog :)

  2. Thanks for visiting Jbitzz, and also thank you for the words. I've heard of Fit2Fat2Fit but haven't hbad a chance to check it out yet, Ithink I'll head there as soon as I post this!

    It's been difficult to be sure, and the urge to write hasn't really been huge for me lately, however I've been experimenting with a leangains style paleo plan which I will likely do a post about once i get it running smoothly.

    Thanks for reading, and the Words, Hope to see yuo around the blog in the Future!