Monday, September 12, 2011

Poor Chicken didn't stand a chance.

So, the weekend is over...

Not A lot to really Report, I spent some time at the local farmers market with D and K on Saturday morning, Picked up some garden fresh Carrots and Cucumbers, and managed to get them all cut up and ready for my Big ass salad, pretty easy to make and if you have stuff prepped for it it's almost 0 prep time.

Sunday was a lazy day, went for a walk with D, and we spent the night relaxing on the couch with K.... however no night on the couch is complete without a snack, and boy did we have one in true Paleo style! D had some left over rotisserie chicken which we brought out and just tore into bare handed... I don't think there was more than a half a meal left by the time the 3 of us were done, lol. Now this is a HUGE departure form my normal being fat on the couch routine, normally it was chips and dip, or popcorn, or nacho's and cheese. However the chicken was twice as tasty and filling! we even had a towel around to wipe the hands on in true primal fashion... Also I was very proud of myself I politely declined a Dr. Pepper from Diana's houseguest which was  monumental thing, I LOVE Dr. Pepper and was one of the few Soda's I would drink on a regular basis...Go me!

Well, just a short update... I have many things to do around the house, but I have a nother update, hopefully with some more substance tomorrow!

Be safe and Healthy

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