Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Motivation, Competition and Paleo.

I want to talk a little bit about motivation for this Paleo experience I find myself on.

Now, Paleo eating is tricky at the best of times for me, I'm not used to cooking meals that take a lot of prep or consideration. However I seem to have things dialed into a pretty good routine for making meals on the fly, my biggest issue so far is the time it takes to prepare meals. I've pushed myself to actually get off my ass and saute the veggies and cook the meat. That was the first major obstacle actually forcing myself to DO what needed to be done. Much of my initial research was on the diet component, tricks, tips and recipes from reputable paleo sites helped immensely

So with that dialed in, I find myself at my second major hurdle, the drive to work out. A lot of folks may wonder what so hard about it ? Well for the past 12 or so years I have been sedentary to an extreme... I used to joke it off saying I had learned "economy of motion", which is bullshit I'm lazy.  Plain and simple, I found shortcuts to simple things, I stopped walking, stopped martial arts, stopped swimming. I lost my will to push myself somewhere along the line.

I found myself yesterday feeling like hell, I still struggle against my depression, and lack of self image and yesterday was worse than most. I ended up kicking my ass and walking 20 blocks to the local YMCA, I worked out for about 20 minutes doing the few exercises I know from Robb Wolf's Paleo solution, and I actually felt good after...well maybe not good, but better than I had going in, then the 20 block walk back to my duplex both the walks done at what D calls a "wal-mart" pace, she really hates that place so imagine Olympic style speed walking. I'm not really sure what prompted me to head down to the gym finally but I am glad I did.

I am currently looking for a way to compete against myself, competition has always been my strongest motivator, but somewhere along the way my love of competition turned self destructive, I needed to be the guy that could drink the most and still function or be the toughest in a fight. Relearning to channel my competitive nature into something positive will take time and planning. I know this, and I will keep working on it.

My Keys to Motivation:

1. Get off your ass and DO IT.
2. Figure out what drives you and grab it in a choke hold.
3. Stay Positive.

Current weight 217. (up 4 lbs since my fasting experiment)
I shall see where I stand in a few more days I am allowing 5lbs error for water weight and other biological factors)

Until then, be safe and healthy.

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